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Can anyone use…


Absolutely. The NetRX program is free, open to everyone, and requires no signup or registration. One card works for the entire family.

Is the NetRX Card…


No the NetRX Card is not prescription insurance. However, while it is not insurance, our program provides discounted prices on everyday retail drugs and is accepted at all major chains, nationwide.

How does the NetRX…


It´s so easy. The hardest part may be remembering to take you card with you to the pharmacy. If you remember that much, the rest is simple. Just present your card to the pharmacist. He/She will reference the group and ID number listed on your…

Card benefits


With the NetRX Card, you have access to significantly discounted prices on everyday drugs. It´s FREE,…

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NetRX, is proud to provide you and your family with our Pharmacy Savings Program. This card is accepted at all major chain pharmacies, including most major chains.